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This is the (completely unofficial) Belfast City Council Wiki - the guide that anyone can edit!

It is a resource designed for storing, or referencing, any and all information relating to Local Government in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There is much information already available online, but much of it is difficult to find, locked behind awkward to use databases, stored in proprietary formats, and filled with arcane references. Adding such information to a wiki allows for easy cross-linking, explanation and commentary.

This also provides a convenient location to store information gathered from Freedom of Information requests, as the Council, to date, has preferred to disclose information solely to the requester, rather than directly to the public.


Current Projects

Please help by adding information that we're missing! Even very simple "stub" pages are a great help, as it makes it easier for other people to add information.

Council Minutes

Much of the information on this wiki is derived from minutes of council meetings. We need to:

  • Add minutes of more meetings
  • Tidy up the minutes that were just cut'n'pasted from Word or PDF documents
  • Link all the key people, organisations, arcane terms etc to pages explaining these.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, try helping to tidy a set of minutes in Category:To Tidy. Every addition of a link, or a header, or bullet points, or a table, or whatever, all helps.

Recycling Information

One of our users has started trying to collate information on what to recycle and how to recycle it. This information is scattered throughout numerous leaflets, websites, news articles etc. - much of which is seemingly contradictory

Anything Else

If it's related to local government in Belfast, it should be here. Just create the pages and add the information!

If you want to help, but don't know where to start, you could try picking one of the most wanted pages and see if you can even add a single sentence of paragraph as a starting point.

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